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Since the results of the nomination race, many people have reached out to me to ask me what my next steps are for my political career.

Being a member of city council has been an exceptional experience for me.  I have learned so much and have met some tremendous people along the way.  This journey is one that I think has been a productive one.

Many people don’t know this, but I created a “to-do list” back in 2013 when I was weighing my options whether to run for council or not.  This list consisted of eleven tasks.  In 2014, while I was running, Judy Bryant told me to keep my “campaign promises” under my keyboard in my office- so I wouldn’t forget. So, I kept this “to do list” underneath my keyboard.

My handwriting isn’t that great so here is the list.

  1. Create better relationships and consultation processes with neighbouring indigenous governments.
  2. Create more capacity for gatherings, events, and festivals in the downtown- like car-free day and nuit blanche. PLACEMAKING
  3. Get the Busses off of Dundas Street- it’s too narrow for all of that congestion–people, busses (like every bus in the city), cars…
  4. Get some change over at the LTC.  More busses and quicker routes across the city..
  5. DECOMMISSION THE SPRINGBANK DAM!!! Once the lawsuit is over… No more “head pond” at the forks of the Thames!!
  6. Recognize and call out the BS.
  7. Hold myself and others accountable.
  8. Figure out what the problems are with the culture at city hall and fix it.  Too many people look too sad every time I go in there.
  9. Nicer looking development in the downtown.
  10. Encourage more Community Associations in the west end of the ward- Riverside, west of Wharncliffe…Woodward…Foster…
  11. Get more diverse women in office…We’ve heard enough from old white dudes…

As a task-oriented person, I’m disappointed to say that I have checked off all but one item. Each one of those check marks has been a battle to achieve, but they were worth every meeting, every insult,  and every night away from my family.  

As a person who was raised by two individuals with grade 8 educations, who doesn’t hold a degree, has never had a high profile or high paying job, I still feel like I’m not in the right building when I sit around the council horseshoe.  But despite this feeling, I continue to plow through the issues, say the things most people tell me I shouldn’t have… and, probably the most fun, rock the boats that need the rocking.

You are probably wondering what item I didn’t get to check off, and that is #11- to get more diverse women in office- because yes- we’ve heard enough from the old white dudes in our city and not enough from women from diverse backgrounds.  In order for new people to lead, the people who hold leadership roles need to make space.  I’ve done what I came to do at city hall and it is time for a new face to come forward with new ideas, perspectives, experiences and leadership.  

I believe in this city, I believe in our neighbourhoods, and more importantly- I believe in Londoners.  That is why I am going to continue to be a community activist, a volunteer and perhaps even a “neighbourhood curator” as a Real Estate Sales Representative at STREETCITY Realty.

London is a city of exceptional places, neighbourhoods and people.  The more we connect with people, the more we can do to help others, the more we collectively put the greater good before ourselves the better we’re all going to be.

For the rest of the term I’m going to continue my workload on council- two standing committees, eight boards, commissions, and agencies, and two committees at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  There is still a lot of work to do and I’m not ready to stop rocking the boat- just yet.

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