Winter Curb Appeal

ByTanya Park

Winter Curb Appeal

Trying to sell your home in the winter? Figuring out how to you make your property stand out from the snowdrifts might leave you without inspiration, but here are a few low energy, low-cost ideas.

Basics first:

Make sure your driveway, steps and sidewalks are clear from snow and ice.  If the maintenance of your driveway is not visible from the street a prospective buyer’s first impression of your property could be that it’s not well maintained.  This is a very negative impression that can easily be avoided.  


Whimsical Vintage Look:

Use some vintage winter sports items like skates, skis or a toboggan to spruce up your front porch.  It will give prospective buyers a good frame of mind that your house is trendy and well taken care of.


Chic, yet practical:

Earlier I reminded you about the need to maintain your steps and driveway and keep them free from ice and snow.  That means you’ll need some salt to melt away that troublesome ice.  Why not store it in a functional, yet beautiful way?

Many Dollar Stores carry aluminum cans and burlap ribbon so, for less than $10, salt included, you can have a chic way to store your salt.

With winter comes the romantic vision of a warm, cozy fire to snuggle up beside.  A neatly arranged stack of firewood on the porch, if done correctly, can add another chic, yet practical image to your entry.



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