Clutter, How to Get Rid of it and Why You Should.

ByTanya Park

Clutter, How to Get Rid of it and Why You Should.

You have every right to be proud of being the best bowler in the league back in 2008, and that trophy deserves every square inch of space it takes up on your mantle, but is it going to do anything to help sell your house?  In my most kind and loving way, I’m about to tell you that it won’t.

When a buyer enters your home, they want to picture their stuff in place of your stuff.  They want to envision their couch in your living room, their king-sized bed in your bedroom, and yes, their very own trophy from their grade 8 spelling bee on the mantle.

For someone to picture themselves in your home, they need to see less of you, and more clutter-free spaces that can easily reflect their own twist on living in this space.


First Ask Yourself

  1. Are these items helping someone else fall in love with our home?
  2. Do I use this item every day or at least three times a week?
  3. Do all of these items help this room look its best?
  4. Do we have space to store the surplus items that need to be removed or should we rent a storage unit?


Living Room

To show your home to interested buyers the simple things should be on display in the living room.  Furniture, neutral artwork (no family portraits) a clutter-free bookcase and entertainment unit.

Use storage baskets for a chic way to stow away toys, extra books, movies, magazines etc.


The Kitchen

Free your countertops from excess and only keep the things like the kettle, coffee maker, toaster and knife block that you use daily.  This shows that your kitchen is clean, well kept, and ready for use.

Prospective buyers want to know that your kitchen has adequate storage for their needs.  They will be opening up those cupboards to see what the deal is.  Be sure to stack dishes, canned goods and other pantry items neatly so buyers can see how much space there really is.






Remember what I said about the buyer picturing their king size bed in your bedroom?  That means your room has to look like it will fit a king size bed.  It’s harder to imagine that when your bed is unmade and all of the clutter from holidays and projects past is being stored on the bed in the spare room.

Use under the bed storage totes to hide away winter clothing or anything else that can be removed from your closet to free up space.  Make sure nightstands have
only the essentials, lamp, alarm clock and maybe the book you’re reading.


Here is a FREE checklist to keep you on track as you declutter.


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